About Us

The ImpactHub Ltd is an impact-focused social innovation consultancy, which aims to provide one-stop solution from business consultation of ideation and scaling up, business networking and raising social finance, to impact evaluation.

With a highly experienced team comprised of renowned academics and business professionals, the team has accumulated latest and vast front-line social business and innovative social projects experiences, in providing one-stop solution for the below: 

  • Business consultation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Networking

Our passion lies in the followings:

  1. Create a impactful social business that stands out
  2. Holistic data analysis and value empowerment
  3. Work with the entrepreneur hand in hand to develop a sustainable business

The ImpactHub with successful track record on impact evaluation using an accredited framework covering over a hundred real-life social businesses and countless academic and market research have been generated in the past.

What service we can help clients?

Business consultation

From a seed idea to an up-and-running social business – The ImpactHub has the essential sales and marketing experts to see you through achieving your social objectives for impact investment or public funding.

Impact Evaluation

Scaling up impact in whatever stage of the business via accredited Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Social Return on Investment (SROI). We focus strongly in both quantitative and qualitative data from you, your stakeholders and the ecosystem.


Future development of business by securing more social finance from impact investors or funders to jack up your impact further to the next level.

Why Impact Evaluation?

Maximize your impact

Impact Evaluation helps clients to understand the tangible and intangible value generated from its business and increase their effectiveness of investments via structural analysis of data from all involved stakeholders.

Better alignment to your social objectives

Impact Evaluation constructively helps in measuring the social effects and thus fostering the alignment of your business to specific social sector in serving different target beneficiaries in the arena of poverty alleviation, environment protection or mental health etc.

Data speaks itself as an objective measurement

A cornerstone of impact investing is the measurement of non-financial performance, i.e. the impact an investment has alongside financial returns. This allows the end investor to have a much more complete picture of the performance of their holdings.