About Us

Why The Impact Hub?

“For Social innovation to be successful, it has to be rooted on a deep and solid understanding of a social problem, which is often a major reason why social business failed” It is important to find out what exactly is the problem with evidence based measures to responding to the challenge.”

Strategic partnership with academics with in-depth knowledge of social problems

Strategic partnership with HKU senior professors whom research interests range from social impact assessment, program evaluation, to social policy research and who also share extensive practical and latest experiences conducting SIA and SROI in local context across government, corporate, NGO and social business sector

Proven track record in impact evaluation and accredited assessment framework

Being comissioned by the SIE Fund to evaluate its performance and social impacts of more than 80 social innovative projects since 2016, the team aspires to take up the duty and has played an active role in recent years to consolidate local practices and foster the development and promotion of a widely agreed upon locally-attuned protocol for social impact assessment (SIA) and social return on investment (SROI) estimation by developing:

Pioneering local-based social value bank (i.e., a collection of financial proxies of multiple social outcomes)

Good practice models in SIA and SROI in the local context

 Locally-attuned, publicly-accessible, online learning platform and resource hub for SIA and SROI practice

Total sustainable business solution

A mix of business professionals in our winning team for sure helps us to understand how to achieve social purposes and financial sustainability for a social business, how to pitch our ideas to investors or funders to secure funding and how to keep your business up-and-running. Not to mention, our business professionals have an extensive background in sales and marketing which can devise an often-neglected marketing strategies for your social business. Great product does not sell itself, a great brand is however a combination of great products, careful sales and distribution and smart marketing strategies to help you reach a larger audience, in the sense of social business, to help you maximize your social objectives. The team members have had extensive experience in providing consultancy services to the Government, NGOs and many organizations.